Industrial Greases

Our TecPlex®  is a line of specialty greases based on Calcium Sulfonate, Polyurea, and Clay thickeners developed for private label opportunities. Our technology offers lubricant marketers differentiated greases with superior quality, performance and versatility for virtually any application.  Semi-finished greases ("precursors") are also available to grease manufacturers who wish to custom develop their own specialty calcium sulfonate grease formulations. Available in mineral oil, white oil, and synthetic PAO base oil varieties... our precursors are everything you need to make the highest quality greases for your customers.

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Industrial Greases



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Calcium Sulfonate Greases: General Purpose

Calcium Sulfonate greases are an excellent alternative to traditional Lithium Complex for consistent performance in extreme conditions such as steel mills. Improved extreme pressure and water resistance are also strong characteristics, making these greases excellent choices for automotive and robotics applications. In addition, these greases provide inherent rust preventive properties to keep equipment running longer.


Calcium Sulfonate Greases: Mining

Daubert has a line of Calcium Sulfonate grease specifically developed for the challenges faced in the mining sector. TecPlex Extreme Pressure greases provide the industry's leading 4-ball weld test results (>800kg) and provide superior protection from water spray-off and rust formation. And with the addition of 5% molybdenum, these greases are a perfect fit for heavy equipment operators looking for an alternative to OEM-branded greases.


Calcium Sulfonate Greases: Food Grade (H1)

Our line of NSF H1 registered greases provide an unsurpassed quality of Calcium Sulfonate grease specially designed for the operations and regulations of the food processing industry. All TecPlex H1 greases are Kosher and Halal approved, and designed to work under the specifications of most food equipment OEMs. Daubert's team of food processing experts can assist in private label opportunities, reapplying these certifications for other grease marketers looking to expand their portfolios into this attractive market. White Oil and PAO varieties are readily available.


Calcium Sulfonate Grease Precursors

Daubert Chemical provides pre-crystallized Calcium Sulfonate to the manufacturers of Calcium Sulfonate greases. Our line of TecPlex "precursors" lowers the learning curve for making these historically finicky greases. Using the TecPlex process, any grease manufacturer can make a high quality Calcium Sulfonate grease with little investment or effort. Our precursors are available in mineral oil, white oil, and PAO varieties. In addition, Daubert provides personalized manufacturing advice and support for active customers. Our decades of experience with Calcium Sulfonate has given us the industry's deepest bench of experts in this area, and we leverage this experience to provide our customers with a ready-to-use R&D capability for new and innovative greases.


Polyurea Grease: Transportation

Daubert's line of TecPlex Polyurea greases are designed for long-life and low noise for a variety of applications in the transportation industry. By reducing the reliance on unnecessary short-lived additives common in most lubricants, this grease provides only the pure necessities for optimal performance over the entire life of a bearing, and eliminates impurities that can be a source of noise in electric motors.


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TecPlex® is a line of specialty greases based on Calcium Sulfonate, Polyurea, and Clay thickeners developed for private label opportunities.

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