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Since its founding, Daubert Chemical Company has maximized the power of chemistry to solve our customers’ problems.

It all began during the Great Depression, when a man came into George Daubert’s gas station asking for something that could keep his steel coils from rusting during storage. This question led to the development of Daubert’s first product, and was the first step on our company’s path to becoming a world leader in surface-based chemistries.

While so much has changed since George Daubert’s first innovation, one thing remains the same: our companywide commitment to staying ahead of our customers’ needs with leading solutions that drive your success.

Read more about Daubert’s complete history in the timeline below.

Daubert Chemical’s Timeline of Innovation


George Daubert begins mixing rust preventatives with oil blends adjacent to his truck stop in Chicago, Illinois. The products were marketed under the name of Nox-Rust Chemical Company. Companies in the steel industry were his first major clients.


During World War II, the company began providing corrosion preventatives to the U.S. Navy. The name of the company was changed to Daubert Chemical Company and it housed three divisions.


Daubert develops innovations in the formulation of adhesives for manufacturing such as a two-part epoxy designed for flat laminating, used predominantly in the furniture and consumer electronics markets.


A holding company was established under the name of Daubert Industries, Inc. with the previous three divisions now becoming wholly owned subsidiaries. The subsidiary encompassing the original operation and products was designated Daubert Chemical Company, Inc.


Selected acquisitions were made, such as the Tectyl Industrial Products in 1999 enabling Daubert to broaden its leadership position in the corrosion preventives and thermo-forming adhesives markets.


Through conversations with various manufacturing clients, Daubert discovered that these companies needed a more versatile and fast setting adhesive for profile wrapping, edge banding and composite panel lamination. Daubert chemists went to work formulating new adhesive products, such as the Daubond PUR (polyurethane reactive) adhesive line.


Daubert products are sold globally to the automobile, transportation, marine, aerospace, general industrial, furniture and woodworking marketplaces. Daubert's research, development and manufacturing operations are still located in Chicago, not far from George Daubert's original gas station and motor oil blending facility.

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