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April 14, 2015

Daubert Chemical’s Next-Generation Nox-Rust 1290HP Uses Nanoscale Chemistry to Boost Rust-Inhibiting Properties by 50 Percent

Daubert’s new Nox-Rust 1290HP formula allows OEMs to choose lighter-grade steel, meet more stringent CAFE standards, evaluate longer-life claims and extend warranties.

CHICAGO, IL, USA (April 14, 2015) — Daubert Chemical, an industry-leading manufacturer of specialty coatings and adhesives, announced that the first in a new portfolio of next-generation Nox-Rust products will be showcased in booth 813 at the SAE 2015 World Congress & Exhibition in Detroit, Michigan, from April 21– 23, 2015. In cyclic corrosion lab test procedures following Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J2334 standards, Daubert’s new Nox-Rust 1290HP resisted corrosion up to 50 percent longer than previous NoxRust products.

Daubert Chemical is a recognized leader in the formulation of cavity wax and wax-based underbody coatings, and Nox-Rust is considered the industry’s leading corrosion-inhibiting solution for automotive manufacturers. The company’s next-generation 1290HP formula takes Nox-Rust to a new level of effectiveness by measurably increasing the industry’s corrosion protection expectations from 10 years to 15 years.

The next-generation Nox-Rust 1290HP has been reformulated to include a nanoscale chemical additive that complements the product’s original molecular makeup, depositing a protective barrier that interferes with corrosion mechanisms. The new product can be applied to a wide variety of substrates and requires far less surface preparation than competing anticorrosive coating technologies. Nox-Rust 1290HP also exhibits superior adhesion to welds and demonstrates resilience even when exposed to post-coating assembly processes using welds or mechanical fasteners like screws and bolts.

“Our new nanoscale chemical compound has a synergistic effect that gives this newest generation of Nox-Rust products enhanced rust-inhibiting qualities,” Mike Duncan, Ph.D., vice president technology for Daubert Chemical, said. “The larger and smaller molecules fit tightly together like layers of marbles, with the nanoscale chemical layer adhering tenaciously to the surface, and even if the coatings’ outer layers are dislodged, the foundational layer continues to suppress the oxidation process.”

By using next-generation Nox-Rust products like 1290HP to protect components, engineers have greater flexibility when choosing materials and construction methods. Thinner, higher-alloy steel can last much longer and welded areas are far better protected. By leveraging the superior coverage that submersion in a waxbased coating like Nox-Rust 1290HP affords, I-beam, C-channel and tubular steel structural components can all receive the same optimum level of anticorrosion protection.

Nox-Rust 1290HP can be applied to some previously coated substrates and interacts well with E-coated, powder-coated and liquid-coated steel. Unlike other traditional corrosion-resistant coatings, surfaces treated with Nox-Rust hot melt coatings require no preparation before accepting new welds.

In final assembly scenarios, where coating abrasion is often inevitable, the pliable Nox-Rust coating exhibits self-healing characteristics that maintain a residual anticorrosive barrier. Nox-Rust coatings also come in the form of a touchup solution that can be applied to areas where a component’s coating has been compromised in the assembly process.

“The new next-generation Nox-Rust 1290HP allows greater engineering flexibility, is more forgiving, is less complicated to use, offers more robust protection, adheres to a greater variety of substrates and requires less surface preparation,” Duncan said. “Any engineer who has ever been vexed by the problem of corrosion has just been given a new super-weapon to combat it.”

Wax-based coatings are widely used in the industry to provide reliable corrosion protection for cars and trucks. Their ability to protect metal from salt, humidity, dirt, and debris makes them one of the most effective direct-to metal protective coatings around. Without the protection imparted by a proven corrosion prevention coating, the structural integrity of key components in any vehicle chassis would become compromised. As a leading innovator in wax-based coatings, Daubert Chemical will again set a new industry standard with its new portfolio of next-generation Nox-Rust coatings.

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