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At Daubert Chemical Company, we embrace the opportunity to contribute toward more sustainable operations. That’s why our products are formulated with our employees, our customers, our planet and future generations in mind.

Daubert’s Commitment to Our Environment

Sustainable operation is one of our highest priorities at Daubert Chemical Company, and we are dedicated to developing environmentally-friendly products for our customers, as well as refining our operational processes to minimize environmental impact while protecting our employees and preserving natural resources.

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We’ve installed plant-wide energy and lighting improvements, including occupancy sensors and programmable thermostats, that amount to a 15% reduction in energy consumption

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Sustainable Formulations


Daubert’s water-based products, such as Tectyl 3305 and Tectyl 3335 minimize employee exposure to volatile solvents and are more environmentally responsible overall. And Daubert’s citrus-based products, such as Tectyl 602-81, replace solvent-based cleaners and are more environmentally-friendly during cleaning and waste disposal.