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October 14, 2014

Daubert Chemical Completes Major Plant Expansion, Increases Availability of Calcium Sulfonate in the U.S.

Chicago, IL - A three-year plant expansion effort at Daubert Chemical (Chicago, IL) has been completed, more than doubling its previous production capacity of Calcium Sulfonate. Now, manufacturers of greases, rust preventatives, metalworking fluids, and gear oil additives have a strategic supplier centrally located in the U.S. Daubert’s unique, proprietary process produces higher quality Calcium Sulfonate products with higher ratios of active material than commonly available. What’s more, their Calcium Sulfonate precursors come pre-gelled, after undergoing a highly optimized crystallization process in Daubert’s facilities. Removing this step provides customers with a much simpler manufacturing process to create finished products, eliminating unnecessary risk and supply chain issues.

Given Daubert’s nearly 80-year history formulating rust preventives, much of that using Calcium Sulfonate… the company is clearly an expert. Major companies in the automotive, construction, defense, and transportation industries have a long and successful history with Daubert as their pre-eminent supplier.

When a ready supply of gelled Calcium Sulfonate became disrupted in the early 2000’s, Daubert was faced with a major decision: Wait until supplies stabilized (and deal with potentially higher costs), or make things happen by producing gelled sulfonates themselves. In choosing the latter, the company was not only able to meet its internal needs, but to also market a variety of gelled sulfonates to coating formulators. Additionally, they took the opportunity to carry forth the iconic trademark SACI (Severe Atmospheric Corrosion Inhibitor). Forming the basis of coatings for a variety of applications that include structural coatings and highly corrosive marine applications, SACI products have been reborn with Daubert’s readily available supply of Calcium Sulfonate.

Calcium Sulfonates are one of the fastest growing grease categories in use today. In fact, they’re in such high demand that in 2011, Daubert introduced its broad line up of TecPlex precursor and finished greases. Featuring inherent extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear properties – along with compatibility in incidental food contact applications – the TecPlex line up has grown steadily ever since. Today, the TecPlex line includes general purpose mineral oil greases, an “extreme pressure” series for mining applications, a premium line with white oil and polyalphaolefin (PAO) varieties for expanded operating temperature ranges, and finally a line of NSF H1 greases and Hx1 precursors designed for incidental food contact applications (available with Kosher/Halal certifications). Compared to other similarly formulated greases, Daubert’s TecPlex line has consistently shown improved weld points and greater mechanical stability.

The Supplier You Can Trust

Daubert's plant expansion provides excellent opportunities for companies looking to partner with a stable, trustworthy supplier. From TecPlex precursor and finished grease offerings available for private labelers and formulators – to its variety of gelled sulfonates under the SACI brand – the expansion means exceedingly high value: short lead times, smaller minimum order quantities, and no middleman. According to Matt McGinnis, Daubert’s Director of Commercial Development:

“Consistent quality batch-to-batch, improved product performance, competitive pricing, and on-time shipping are just a few of the benefits companies will enjoy when they trust Daubert as their Calcium Sulfonate supplier. Our latest plant expansion has created the opportunity for us to provide our products to a broader range of customers here in the U.S. and internationally. We’re excited to see the growth in demand for Calcium Sulfonate. We’ve believed in its benefits for decades, and we’re looking forward to sharing our expertise with customers who are looking to create their own line of CS greases or specialty coatings.”

TecPlex and SACI are Registered Trademarks of Daubert Chemical Company, Inc. Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved

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