Corrosion Inhibiting Additives

Daubert Chemical makes its world class chemistry available as formulary components under the brand SACI®.   These additives can be used as concentrates for making industrial grade rust preventive coatings, or in smaller treat rates as corrosion inhibitors for lubricants.   We provide extensive technical support for customers, and invite developers to learn more about what Daubert has to offer. 

Corrosion Inhibiting Additives



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Coatings Additives

SACI® Gelled Calcium Sulfonates are the basis for corrosion resistant coatings around the world. Fundamentally, they are used as a rust preventive concentrate by coatings manufacturers. In addition, their thixotropic nature allow them to be used in smaller treat rates as rheological modifiers to stabilize viscosity and provide resistance to sag.


Lubricant Additives

SACI® Lubricant Additives are corrosion inhibitor additives intended for use in various fluids such as finished lubricant formulations and metalworking fluids. Available in sodium sulfonate, calcium sulfonate, magnesium sulfonate, or barium sulfonate... in a variety of base oils... these products can be used 2% to 10% treat rates as an effective additive for any application where corrosion is a concern. Not all products are currently listed. Please contact us for more details.


Related Brands


SACI® corrosion inhibitors are sulfonate and oxidate concentrates used by formulators in many of today's leading rust preventive coatings.

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