V-Damp® 3680


A viscoelastic, sprayable liquid sound damper. Highly effective in reducing vibrational resonance conditions in structures such as passenger rail cars, elevator cabs, marine passenger and cargo vessels, stainless steel sinks and other plumbing fixtures, sheet metal panels, floor housings, and a multitude of other applications. Can be sprayed or toweled directly from the drum without thinning.

Key Features

  • Offers an efficient and effective alternative to solvent-based sprayable damping products, and sheet applied damping materials
  • Resistant to water and a variety of solvents, acids and corrosive gasses
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, virtually odorless, with exceptional aging characteristics
  • Its normal “tan” color may be varied for decorative purposes


V-Damp® Sound Deadeners is a line of sprayable liquid vibration dampers, effective in dissipating structure-borne vibrational energy and reducing airborne noise in a wide variety of products.

Success Story


When your goal is to make the best stainless steel sinks in the world, sound deadening is an important ingredient in that success.

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