TecPlex® Flow


TECPLEX® “FLOW” is a semi-fluid calcium sulfonate grease for challenging environments that need the protection of a heavy-duty grease with the pumpability of a fluid. An ideal grease as a replacement for gear oil in leaky gear boxes.   Perfect balance of properties as a plunger packing grease for lubricating Triplex and Quintuplex Pumps in fracking applications.  

Key Features

  • Semi-Fluid Calcium Sulfonate Grease
  • Extremely pumpable, without sacrificing protection from corrosion and wear
  • Suitable for use in fracking applications as a plunger packing grease
  • Alternative to traditional lubricants for some gear boxes and high temperature chain applications.


TecPlex® is a line of specialty greases based on Calcium Sulfonate, Polyurea, and Clay thickeners developed for private label opportunities.

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