TecPlex® Chassis Grease


TECPLEX ® Chassis Grease is one of the most versatile greases around. Built for the demands of the transportation industry… this grease provides all the protection you would expect from a GC-LB lubricating grease (meets ASTM D4950), while it doubles as a powerful coating that protects precision parts from rust formation. Based on a calcium sulfonate thickener system, this product shares much in common with Daubert’s industrial grease rust preventive coatings, allowing this grease to be used in a variety of corrosive environments where road salt or sea salt can quickly corrode mechanical systems.

Key Features

  • Smooth, NLGI Grade 2, ISO 100
  • Designed for Automotive applications; suitable for many other uses
  • Meets GC-LB requirements (ASTM D4950)


TecPlex® is a line of specialty greases based on Calcium Sulfonate, Polyurea, and Clay thickeners developed for private label opportunities.

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