TecPlex® 2220-H1


TecPlex® 2220-H1 is your choice when you want an economical, incidental food contact grease with premium physical properties. The grease also has excellent corrosion protection, and superior water spray off properties. The product is formulated to provide typical Water Spray Off (ASTM D4049) values of < 25%, better than many other incidental food contact greases available on the market place today.

NSF Nonfood Compounds Program Listed, Category Code H1 NSF Registration Number 147713

Key Features

  • Calcium Sulfonate Grease for food processing facilities... kosher and halal certified
  • NSF H-1 approval for incidental food-contact
  • NLGI Grade 2, ISO 220
  • 100% white oil base stock


TecPlex® is a line of Calcium Sulfonate greases developed for private label opportunities, with precursors available for grease manufacturers who wish to produce in-house.

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