TecPlex® 2046S-H1


TECPLEX® 2046S-H1 is a grease like no other, combining the purity of a food grade lubricant with the performance of a fully synthetic calcium sulfonate grease.   Designed specifically for the high speeds and extreme loads generated in wind turbine applications, this grease provides long lasting protection from wear and corrosion, while minimizing the risk profile of lubricant contamination from turbines co-located near crops and waterways.

NSF Nonfood Compounds Program Listed, Category Code H1
NSF Registration Number 151200

Key Features

  • For wind mill turbines and other clean energy generators
  • NSF H-1 approval for incidental food-contact
  • NLGI Grade 2, ISO 46
  • 100% PAO base oil for outstanding low-temperature properties


TecPlex® is a line of specialty greases based on Calcium Sulfonate, Polyurea, and Clay thickeners developed for private label opportunities.

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