TecPlex® 00180S-H1


TecPlex® 00180S-H1 is a semi-fluid, incidental food contact grease made with 100% PAO synthetic base oil and components.   Using Daubert’s next generation calcium sulfonate thickener, this grease provides exceptional properties with only a minimal additive package… allowing the grease to have NSF H1, Kosher, and Halal registrations. TecPlex® 00180S-H1 provides excellent lubrication for high speed bearings and sensitive robotics in food processing facilities.  It also provides protection from corrosion while equipment is idle or in storage. 

NSF Nonfood Compounds Program Listed, Category Code H1
NSF Registration Number 154787

Key Features

  • Calcium Sulfonate Grease for food processing facilities... kosher and halal certified
  • NSF H-1 approval for incidental food-contact
  • NLGI Grade 00, 180 cSt Base Oil Viscosity (40C)
  • 100% PAO base oil for outstanding operating temperature range


TecPlex® is a line of specialty greases based on Calcium Sulfonate, Polyurea, and Clay thickeners developed for private label opportunities.

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