TecPlex® 00150HP


TECPLEX® 00150HP is the mining industry’s leading high performance grease in a thin, semi-fluid format for easy handling and sprayability.  Used for the lubrication of equipment in massive open pit mining operations, this grease is ideally designed for use on open gears and wire ropes.  Engineered with 5% molybdenum disulfide, it will protect equipment from the stress of frequent shocks of scooping/hauling/grinding massive loads of earth.  TECPLEX® 00150HP also provides significant protection as a rust preventive coating wherever it’s applied, further ensuring the uptime of critical machinery.

Key Features

  • Calcium Sulfonate Grease with 5% Moly for mining equipment and heavy machinery
  • Semi-Fluid, NLGI Grade 00, ISO 150
  • Excellent for open gears, drag lines, and conveyors.
  • Formulated to meet or exceed Caterpillar® specifications


TecPlex® is a line of specialty greases based on Calcium Sulfonate, Polyurea, and Clay thickeners developed for private label opportunities.

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