SACI® 2500



Sodium Sulfonate Corrosion Inhibitor / Emulsifier

SACI® 2500 contains a synthetic sodium sulfonate blended in a napthenic oil primarily used as a corrosion inhibitor. It also functions as a surfactant and emulsifier for water-based lubricants. The hydrophilic sodium sulfonate portion of the molecule functions as a typical anionic surfactant orienting itself with water, other polar materials or high energy surfaces while the hydrocarbon tail provides the bridge to the hydrophobic phase.


• Corrosion Preventative: High molecular weight sodium sulfonates strongly absorb to metal surfaces and provide an excellent moisture barrier. SACI® 2500 can be formulated with petroleum oils, waxes, petrolatums and various synthetic materials.

• Emulsifier in Water-based Solutions: SACI® 2500 performs well as a primary emulsifier, providing additional benefit to the formulation as a corrosion inhibitor.

Key Features

  • Neutral Sodium Sulfonate
  • Primary emulsifier for water-based lubricants
  • Provides light corrosion protection to machined parts
  • Solvent-free, 100% Solids
  • 50% Actives


SACI® corrosion inhibitors are sulfonate and oxidate concentrates used by formulators in many of today's leading rust preventive coatings.

Success Story


The global leader in elevator manufacturing was experiencing rusted guide rails before installation, costing valuable time as this situation required the removal of corrosion before installation.

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