Nox-Rust® 1210HP


NOX-RUST® 1210HP is a hot melt corrosion preventive coating designed to be applied to various truck trailer structural members from a heated dip coating tank.  I-beam cross members, slider boxes, and kingpin assemblies are some common applications.  The coating hardens upon cooling to form a dry, wax-like film.  NOX-RUST® 1210HP can also be used for other applications where excellent corrosion protection is desired.   It also is not prone to run-off or depletion like galvanized coatings.

1210HP vs Raw vs Galvanized

Key Features

  • Truck-trailer rust preventive hot-melt coating
  • Uniform and complete coating of intricate parts, box sections and channels
  • Superior protection from salt and humidity versus galvanized coatings


Nox-Rust® coatings are used for extended corrosion resistance and sound deadening requirements for transportation, storage containers and other OEM equipment.

Success Story


The global leader in elevator manufacturing was experiencing rusted guide rails before installation, costing valuable time as this situation required the removal of corrosion before installation.

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