Safecote® 700-72


SAFECOTE® 700-72 is a carefully selected blend of inhibitors, emulsifiers, and surfactants, designed to deposit a waxy film from a water emulsion system. SAFECOTE® 700-72, when dry, leaves an amber wax film exhibiting excellent high humidity and salt spray protection properties. SAFECOTE® 700-72 is intended for use in applying a final preservative coating to production parts preparatory to storage or shipment.

Key Features

  • Water-emulsion rust preventive coating... leaves a soft, waxy film
  • Highly resistant to corrosive elements such as salt and humidity .
  • For use on engine blocks, valves, gears, tool and dies, bushings, taps, chains for temporary rust protection.
Success Story


The global leader in elevator manufacturing was experiencing rusted guide rails before installation, costing valuable time as this situation required the removal of corrosion before installation.

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