SACI® 4041



Multi-Purpose Corrosion Inhibitor Package

SACI® 4041 is an oxygenated hydrocarbon neutralized with calcium and blended with sodium sulfonate. SACI® 4041 is a corrosion inhibitor that can be blended with oil or petroleum solvent. The product has excellent humidity and corrosion properties, and can be used as a general purpose corrosion inhibitor additive in slushing oils, rust preventative lubricants, and metal working fluids. SACI® 4041 can also be used as an additive for the preparation of waterborne rust preventatives.

Key Features

  • An oil soluble corrosion inhibitor, Barium-free
  • Calcium Oxidate rust preventive additive blended with Sodium Sulfonate
  • For use in metalworking fluids such as soluble cutting oils, as well as waterborne rust preventative coatings


SACI® corrosion inhibitors are sulfonate and oxidate concentrates used by formulators in many of today's leading rust preventive coatings.

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