SACI® 2550


SACI® 2550 is an optimal synthetic sodium sulfonate blend functioning as a surfactant, dispersant and rust inhibitor. The hydrophilic sodium sulfonate portion of the molecule functions as a typical anionic surfactant orienting itself with water, other polar materials or high energy surfaces while the hydrocarbon tail provides the bridge to the hydrophobic phase. Typical applications include:

  • Corrosion Preventative
  • Dispersants in Oil Systems

Key Features

  • Neutral Sodium Sulfonate
  • Corrosion preventive additive, for use in temporary rust preventives and oil systems
  • Solvent-free, 100% Solids
  • 55% Actives


SACI® corrosion inhibitors are sulfonate and oxidate concentrates used by formulators in many of today's leading rust preventive coatings.

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