SACI® 2200C



Oil-based, Gelled Sulfonate Concentrate

SACI® 2200C is a thixotropic 100% solids calcium organic rust preventive base designed for use as is or in formulations where corrosion prevention, resistance to flow at elevated temperatures, low volatility, high flash and fire resistance are required.

Because it is not highly formulated, SACI® 2200C generally serves as a formulating building block for customizing specialty products. Such additives as waxes, asphalts, resin oils, and other ingredients can enhance performance. SACI® 2200C differs from SACI® 2200 in that it contains a portion of oxygenated wax that provides improved anti-corrosion properties.

SACI® 2200C has high viscosity at room temperature but flows when heated. It can be emulsified with proper emulsification agents and surfactants. It does not contain Barium, Lead or Zinc yet performs as well and can replace such traditional toxic rust inhibitors. Exceptionally high film builds with exceptional resistance to sag can be attained at elevated temperatures.

COATING APPLICATIONS:  SACI® 2200C is an excellent choice for coating formulations, rheological modifiers to stabilize viscosity and as a pigment dispersing agent.

LUBRICANT APPLICATIONS:  SACI® 2200C is hydrophobic and suitable for lighter-duty lubricating grease applications requiring good water washout resistance.  Can also be used as an additive for synthetic metalworking fluid applications to provide extreme pressure resistance in drawing applications.


• Automotive: Anti-corrosive caulks and sealants, underbody and cavity linings, hotmelt frame coatings.

• Structural Steel: Maintenance coatings for bridges and highway, penetrant sealers for assemblies, surface tolerant direct-to-metal coatings.

• Marine: Ballast tank linings – float coat or spray filled, general purpose above deck metal protections.

• Oilfield: Sucker rod protections, general purpose outdoor storage coatings.

• Asphalt Coatings: Improves corrosion resistance and adhesion. Water based and
 oil base.

• Military: New and fielded vehicle rust protection specific formulations for A-A-59295.

Key Features

  • Gelled Calcium Sulfonate
  • Corrosion preventive additive, for use in temporary rust preventive coatings
  • Solvent-free, 100% solids


SACI® corrosion inhibitors are sulfonate and oxidate concentrates used by formulators in many of today's leading rust preventive coatings.

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