Liquid PUR (Polyurethane) Adhesives

Daubond® PUR is a line of moisture cured polyurethane adhesives offering exceptional bonding strength. Our liquid PUR adhesives are designed for the assembly of complex structures and furniture. The adhesive reacts to the moisture in the environment for a cross-linked, thermoset adhesive bond. Has open times from 5 to 20 minutes, and is easy to apply and clean up.

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    With a reputation for unparalleled commitment to quality, this renowned audio speaker manufacturer sought to coat decorative vinyl with hot melt PUR adhesive, and then laminate the vinyl to MDF board.

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    • A liquid moisture-curing, one-component reactive adhesive
    • 25-minute open time
    • Available in 500-ml squeeze bottles or 7-gallon pails
    • Moisture-curing, one-component reactive polyurethanes
    • Reacts with either supplied moisture, moisture in the air or moisture-containing substrates
    • Exhibits good resistance to heat, cold and water
    Daubond NoxRust Tectyl VDamp TecPlex SACI