Daubond® 6549


Reacts with moisture present in the surrounding air. Also reacts in some substrates (wood, etc.), to become a crosslinked, thermoset adhesive. Expands as it cures, filling gaps and further penetrating porous substrates. Typical applications include: bonding of windows and doors, wood joint bonding for outdoor use, bonding ceramic materials, concrete, hard foams.

Key Features

  • A liquid moisture-curing, one-component reactive adhesive
  • 25-minute open time
  • Available in 500-ml squeeze bottles or 7-gallon pails


Daubond® is a line of environmentally friendly adhesives used in thermoforming, lamination and assembly.

Success Story


With a reputation for unparalleled commitment to quality, this renowned audio speaker manufacturer sought to coat decorative vinyl with hot melt PUR adhesive, and then laminate the vinyl to MDF board.

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