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Daubert Announces Key Leadership Changes

Daubert Chemical Company Inc. recently announced a series of key promotions and new hires within the company, including the role of President and CEO. Dr. Mike Duncan, previously Executive Vice President of Technology at Daubert, will succeed Matt Puz as President and CEO.


Daubert Chemical’s Next-Generation Nox-Rust 1290HP Uses Nanoscale Chemistry to Boost Rust-Inhibiting Properties by 50 Percent

Daubert Chemical is a recognized leader in the formulation of cavity wax and wax-based underbody coatings, and Nox-Rust is considered the industry’s leading corrosion-inhibiting solution for automotive manufacturers. The company’s next-generation 1290HP formula takes Nox-Rust to a new level of effectiveness by measurably increasing the industry’s corrosion protection expectations from 10 years to 15 years.

The next-generation Nox-Rust 1290HP has been reformulated to include a nanoscale chemical additive that complements the product’s original molecular makeup, depositing a protective barrier that interferes with corrosion mechanisms. The new product can be applied to a wide variety of substrates and requires far less surface preparation than competing anticorrosive coating technologies. Nox-Rust 1290HP also exhibits superior adhesion to welds and demonstrates resilience even when exposed to post-coating assembly processes using welds or mechanical fasteners like screws and bolts.

By using next-generation Nox-Rust products like 1290HP to protect components, engineers have greater flexibility when choosing materials and construction methods. Thinner, higher-alloy steel can last much longer and welded areas are far better protected. By leveraging the superior coverage that submersion in a wax-based coating like Nox-Rust 1290HP affords, I-beam, C-channel and tubular steel structural components can all receive the same optimum level of anticorrosion protection.  Nox-Rust 1290HP can be applied to some previously coated substrates and interacts well with E-coated, powder-coated and liquid-coated steel. Unlike other traditional corrosion-resistant coatings, surfaces treated with Nox-Rust hot melt coatings require no preparation before accepting new welds.


Daubert Chemical Completes Major Plant Expansion, Increases Availability of Calcium Sulfonate in the U.S.

A three-year plant expansion effort at Daubert Chemical (Chicago, IL) has been completed, more than doubling its previous production capacity of Calcium Sulfonate. Now, manufacturers of greases, rust preventatives, metalworking fluids, and gear oil additives have a strategic supplier...


Daubert Chemical TecPlex® Calcium Sulfonate Complex Greases Receive Incidental Food Contact Registrations

Daubert Chemical Company has received NSF registration for its new TecPlex® Calcium Sulfonate Complex grease precursors and finished greases designed for use in the Food & Beverage Industry. The company's finished grease products...


Calcium Sulfonate Complex Greases and Precursors Now Available From Daubert Chemical

Daubert Chemical, Chicago IL has a 75+ year history as a leader in corrosion prevention product technology, manufacturing and sales throughout the world. Central to many of these products is calcium sulfonate, a key corrosion inhibiting raw material which Daubert manufactures for internal use as well as...


Daubert Chemical Company, Inc. Wins Award from the Business Marketing Association

Daubert Chemical Company, Inc. and its marketing and advertising partner, Sales Development Associates, Inc., (SDA), of St. Louis, Missouri were recognized by the Business Marketing Association (BMA) at a ceremony on September 25, 2012 in St. Louis and awarded a prestigious Targeted Advertising & Marketing (TAM) Award...


Daubert Chemical’s Tectyl® 3335 Meets Extreme E-Coating Requirements In Sub-Zero Temperatures

A national manufacturer of transportation industry service bodies had been experiencing excessive undercoating failures. When this happens, the product must not only be reapplied, but the old undercoating has to be removed and the metal...


‘On The Street Know-How’ Demonstrated By Daubert Chemical Sales Representative

At the TMC Expo (Technology and Maintenance Council 2012 Annual Meeting and Exhibition) held in Tampa last month, Daubert Chemical unveiled a group of videos showcasing the company’s work within the transportation industry...


Daubert Chemical Adds Value the Old School Way With Collins Bus Company

Collins Bus Corporation (Hutchinson, KS) reinvented itself through implementation of LEAN manufacturing principals. Daubert Chemical’s contribution in improved product performance, improved packaging, and reduced...


SACI® (Severe Atmospheric Corrosion Inhibitor) Product Line Now Available From Daubert Chemical

Thixotropic Overbased Calcium Sulfonate Corrosion Inhibitors are widely used in industry to protect highly susceptible metal surfaces from corrosion under the most severe atmospheric conditions. Products within Daubert’s SACI® line are often used to replace corrosion inhibitors that are toxic by nature...


Customers Participating in Daubert Chemical 2012 Survey Said They Would Recommend Daubert Chemical Company To a Friend or Colleague By Overwhelming Margin!

In customer satisfaction terminology, "Net Promoters" is the single-most important measure of customer satisfaction and loyalty. It's the degree to which customers answer the question "Would you recommend the product or service to a friend or colleague?"...


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