Environmental Responsibility

Caring for the environment inside and out

Daubert is committed to creating a more environmentally-friendly workplace and products for our employees and our customers, while reducing our footprint on the planet:

  • Our new computerized Daubond® PUR reactor continues Daubert's commitment to environmental stewardship, because there is no waste stream.
  • We've installed plant-wide energy and lighting improvements that amount to a 15% reduction in energy consumption. For example, we've replaced 80% of all lighting within the entire Daubert facility, and added occupancy sensors and programmable thermostats.
  • Daubert's water-based products such as Tectyl® 3305 and Tectyl® 3335 minimize employee exposure to volatile solvents, are more environmentally responsible in the plant overall.
  • Our citrus-based products such as Tectyl® 602-81 replace solvent-based cleaners and are more environmentally-friendly during the cleaning process and waste disposal.

Our environmental commitment...

We at Daubert Chemical Company, Inc. recognize and believe that environmental management is one of our highest corporate priorities and are committed to continual improvement in prevention of pollution and conservation of resources as responsible stewards of our environment. We shall do so by:

  • Development and manufacturing of environment friendly products & solutions for our customers.
  • Upgrading all processes, operations and practices to minimize adverse impacts to our environment.
  • Optimal utilization and conservation of inputs such as water, electricity and petroleum based Resources.
  • Complying with all applicable legal and other requirements related to our environment.
  • Enhancing environmental awareness through communication of this policy and imparting relevant training to our employees.

Read more about our environmentally-friendly products in our latest press releases.

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