Automotive Solutions

Daubert Chemical Company has been a leader in creating speciality chemical solutions for a wide variety of challenges in the Automotive industry.   We were pioneers in the field of self-healing rust preventive coatings, and to this day are one of the largest manufacturers of this technology.  Our Hot Melt frame coating is the best in class rust prevention solution in the automotive industry, estimated to surpass 15-years of real world conditions.   Our line of Nox-Rust cavity waxes are designed to protect vulnerable areas that challenge traditional E-Coat technologies.

In addition to rust preventives, Daubert Chemical has a wide range of automotive solutions for bonding decorative trim and fabrics to interior systems, as well as next generation lubricants based on calcium sulfonate and polyurea greases.   

Download and view a copy of our Automotive Brochure to learn more.

Daubert Automotive Brochure Cover Image
Daubond NoxRust Tectyl VDamp TecPlex SACI