TecPlex® 2085


TecPlex® 2085 is your choice when you want excellent corrosion protection, with unsurpassed water washout properties, in a Category GC-LB (ASTM D4950) grade grease. The product is a Calcium Sulfonate Grease formulated to provide typical Water Spray Off values of < 20%, better than many other GC-LB greases available on the market place today. Intended for automotive, truck and other general purpose applications.

Key Features

  • Calcium Sulfonate Grease with NLGI GC-LB certification
  • NLGI Grade 2, ISO 100
  • Used for automotive and truck wheel bearings and chassis components


TecPlex® is a line of Calcium Sulfonate greases developed for private label opportunities, with precursors available for grease manufacturers who wish to produce in-house.

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