Nox-Rust® 212


The protective film left on the metal after evaporation of the solvent is ultra-thin, non-staining, and highly protective. Conforms to all the requirements of MIL-C-0081309, Grade 2.

Key Features

  • An effective water displacing rust preventative compound
  • Will not emulsify, even in the presence of alkalis
  • Quickly separates water displaced from metal surfaces after machining or cleaning operations
  • MIL-C-0081309, Grade 2


This product meets appropriate performance criteria as specified by the organizations listed below.   Information regarding these specifications can be found in the information above, or included in the Product Information Sheet also found above.


Nox-Rust® coatings are used for extended corrosion resistance and sound deadening requirements for transportation, storage containers and other OEM equipment.

Success Story


The global leader in elevator manufacturing was experiencing rusted guide rails before installation, costing valuable time as this situation required the removal of corrosion before installation.

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