SACI® 6450



Water-based Rust Preventive Concentrate

SACI® 6450 is a waterborne, high solids, formulating concentrate. Alone SACI® 6450 will yield an oily film providing excellent corrosion resistance in 90 minutes. The oily film will not re-emulsify when exposed to moisture. SACI® 6450 is designed to protect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This product is especially useful where the use of solvents is undesirable or where solvent emissions are restricted.

Key Features

  • Gelled Calcium Sulfonate
  • Semi-Finished corrosion preventive coating
  • Water-based, high solids, low-VOCs


SACI® corrosion inhibitors are sulfonate and oxidate concentrates used by formulators in many of today's leading rust preventive coatings.

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