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Putting the customer first: yesterday and today.

We only deem ourselves successful when our customers are 100% satisfied. Some of our recent Success Stories include:

Electronic AssemblyElectronic Assembly
Loud Speak AssemblyLoud Speak Assembly
Stainless Steel SinksStainless Steel Sinks

The world leader in the design and manufacturing of precision quality backup and entry solutions (used in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards) was looking to "drill the perfect hole." To do so, it needed an adhesive that could be used in a roll coater, had good drilling properties, no drill contamination, low VOC and environmentally friendly. Through real-world customer testing of Daubond® 8855 AL/BL epoxy, the company discovered that this product met all its criteria.

The global leader in elevator manufacturing was experiencing rusted guide rails before installation, costing valuable time as this situation required the removal of corrosion before installation. Daubert presented its Tectyl® 506 and 502C as solutions for protection of metal guide rails in transit. These products were not only chosen for their superior performance, but also because they were available in the 200 countries around the world where the company installed elevators.

With a reputation for unparalleled commitment to quality, this renowned audio speaker manufacturer sought to coat decorative vinyl with hot melt PUR adhesive, and then laminate the vinyl to MDF board. However, the risk was that the high heat could melt or distort the vinyl. Daubert developed a low melt PUR adhesive that is coated on the vinyl at a lower temperature without causing distortion to the vinyl. Through testing, the company observed the uncompromising product performance Daubert offered, combined with outstanding customer service and competitive pricing.

A major automotive manufacturer was in the process of changing to high strength steel which allowed the production of thinner panels and reduced the weight of the vehicle. The challenge is that high strength steel is more brittle and can fracture in the stamping process, causing loss of production with increased rejects. Daubert's solution? Cool Form® to lubricate the metal and cool the surface, thereby reducing the stress on the steel and the chances of fracturing in the drawing process.

When your goal is to make the best stainless steel sinks in the world, sound deadening is an important ingredient in that success. That's why a leading manufacturer chose Daubert's V-Damp® products as they were determined to be the highest quality sound deadening choices available. The added benefits of quick dry time, smooth appearance and competitive pricing gives Daubert's V-Damp® products a spotless reputation with this company.

A large international automotive manufacturer needed a low VOC, water-based underbody coating and cavity wax for its first U.S. plant. Because of the relationship with our Tectyl® partner in Asia, Daubert was able to demonstrate that we had the industry knowledge the U.S. plant needed—both in rust preventatives and as an efficient producer of high quality rust proofing products.

One of the largest and most technologically advanced builders of Type-A school buses reinvented itself through implementation of LEAN manufacturing principals. Daubert took a proactive role in helping this customer achieve its objectives by reformulating the protective bus undercoating with Tectyl® 6430 – a water-based asphaltic coating with a chemical additive that reduces product drag and overspray. This change allowed for the use of Tectyl in 330-gallon totes versus 55-gallon drums for packaging thus reducing operator downtime and making the workplace safer and more productive.

A national manufacturer of service vehicle bodies uses an electrocoating primer process (e-coat) along with an undercoating to give its products maximum rust resistance. However, they store coated products outside almost immediately after the undercoating stage. Being outside (sometimes in sub-zero temperatures), the product was less accepting of the undercoating. This resulted in severe undercoating adhesion failures. Daubert chemists developed a custom undercoating for this customer that had to be applied with little cool down after the e-coating stage; it needed to be zero-VOC; provide superior performance; and it had to fully cure in extreme temperatures (sub-zero). Daubert’s solution was Tectyl® 3335. Since then, there have been no undercoating failures and the company now offers one of the longest warranties in the business.