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Sound & Vibration Dampening

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V-Damp® Sound Deadeners offer effective sound dampening for metal products, providing a full line of formulations designed to solve your specific application requirements. For over 75 years, Daubert Chemicals' innovative metal coatings have served the OEM and replacement part markets with high quality protective coatings.

Sound deadeners are used to reduce the noise and vibration of metal parts and products, allowing the products to be used in environments or systems where noise and vibration will impact performance. These include products as diverse as automobile doors, railcars, elevator cars, HVAC ducts, trash chutes and the undersides of sinks and basins. They are often used in construction for structural frames and other metal components to minimize noise and vibration in the finished structures.

The benefits of Daubert's line of V-Damp® Sound Deadeners include:

  • Dissipation of structure-borne vibrational energy
  • Reduction of airborne noise
  • Resistance to harsh chemicals
  • Easy application using spray, brush or towel
  • Light weight, minimizing the weight of the metal part
  • Lower inventory cost
  • Availability in arylic, latex and other chemistries
  • Air-dry and force-dry options

Our range of formulations are designed to meet the specific requirements of a wide range of applications and meet or exceed industry and mil spec standards. V-Damp® Sound Deadeners reduce sound, they are not sound absorbers. They provide a high quality alternative to melt sheet pad systems.

Our experienced staff is available to assist you select the best V-Damp® Sound Deadener for your exact application requirements. Call today to learn about Daubert Chemicals' V-Damp® Sound Deadeners.