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Daubert Chemicals has established a reputation for manufacturing world-class corrosion-resistant metal coatings for the OEM and replacement part markets. For over 75 years,our innovative coatings have met the changing requirements of our customers, providing them with superior protection for metals in their inventory and in finished products, resulting in extended product life, improved operating costs, lower maintenance and reduced service expense.

A global leader in the coatings market, we offer our clients multiple product lines of corrosion resistant coatings that meet or exceed industry and mil spec standards. Each of our brands is available in a range of formulations designed to meet the specific requirements of a wide range of applications, from inventory protection during transportation and storage, to undercarriage protection for vehicles and trailers.

Nox-Rust® Protective Coatings – High quality, corrosion-resistant coatings that provide extended corrosion resistance for metals. Select the formulation you need to provide protection for your inventory during transportation and storage, or rust proofing of automotive under bodies, cavities and truck trailers. Temporary coatings for protection of parts in transit can be easily removed when parts reach the destination.

Nox-Rust® is used across all industries, meeting most industry and mil spec standards. The product line includes coatings, waxes and oils for a broad range of solutions to prevent corrosion before it starts.

  • Long-term protection of metal surfaces
  • Easy to remove prior to production
  • Protection for indoor and outdoor environments
  • Smooth, complete coverage for complex shapes
  • Long-term use for undercarriages, fuel tanks, transmissions, hydraulic systems
  • Waxes and oils provide lubrication

Tectyl® Industrial Products – Offering superior corrosion resistance, Tectyl® is used to protect metals used in transportation, marine and general industrial applications. Tectyl® offers protection for inventory during transportation and storage and is designed to be easily removed when the metal is needed for production. It can remain on the metal long-term during storage without harming the metal.

  • Long-term protection
  • Easy to remove prior to production
  • Protection for indoor and outdoor environments
  • Smooth, complete coverage for complex shapes
  • Long-term use for hydraulic systems, closed system equipment, undercarriages, fuel tanks, transmissions
  • Water, solvent and oil-based formulations

SACI® - SACI® is Daubert's line of corrosion inhibitor concentrates developed for use by formulators and manufacturers of rust and corrosion preventative coatings. SACI® concentrates provide superior corrosion protection due to their unique molecular structure, which effectively blocks moisture when applied to your metal. They are thermally stable, resist cracking and peeling and hold fast to sharp edges.

SACI® is available in sulfonate and oxidate concentrates that can be used alone or in combination with asphalt, aliphatic, aromatic solvents, hydrocarbon resins, polymers and waxes. SACI® concentrates are ideal for use when formulating long-term corrosion-resistant coatings for:

  • Automotive undercoatings and protective coatings for engines, frames and chassis for OEM and after-market products
  • Bridges and stationary structures
  • Equipment exposed to salt water, including barges, offshore rigs, ballast floatation tanks, engines, tanks, cables and bearings
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Pipe and ducts
  • Steel sheet, copper and brass.

Our experienced staff is available to assist you select a corrosion resistant coating that will meet your exact application requirements and provide the performance you expect. Call today to learn about Nox-Rust®, Tectyl® and SACI®.