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Daubond® adhesives are high-performance adhesives used for thermoforming, lamination and assembly applications. A global leader in the adhesives market, we offer our clients a wide range of adhesive products designed to meet your specific application requirements. Each of our product lines is available in a range of formulations that meet or exceed industry or mil spec standards.

Our innovative adhesive compounds can be applied on a wide range of substrates, skins and core materials. Daubert's expert staff will work with you to select a Daubond® adhesive that will conform to your production process, material combinations, waste treatment options, machining requirements and quality standards. We offer full process support of your manufacturing processes, including on-site troubleshooting, and can test product improvement ideas and new application methods to identify the most effective solution. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that helps you manufacture your products as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Daubond®'s product line includes:

Daubond® PUR is a line of moisture cured polyurethane adhesives offering exceptional bonding strength. It is a single-part adhesive that can used with a wide array of substrates, with fast production set-up and rapid curing, for a cost-effective solution. PUR® reacts to the moisture in the environment, for a cross-linked, thermoset adhesive bond. It is available in hot melt and liquid formulations and offers:

  • Resistance to heat, cold and water
  • Fast curing and set time
  • Flexible application methods using spatula, hand-roller, squeeze bottle, spray gun or slot die

Daubond® Two-Part Epoxy Adhesives are innovative, solvent-free laminating adhesives offering room temperature curing with machining in as little as 16 hours. They are low-VOC and environmentally friendly. Water-based two-part epoxy adhesives are also available.

Daubond® Profile Wrapping are innovative adhesives that provide uniform lamination and coating for the most complex shapes. They are ideal for laminating vinyl film to core substrates such as luaun, particleboard and gypsum.

Daubond® Water-Based Adhesives provide excellent laminating adhesives for commercial papers, vinyl and core substrates such as luaun, particleboard, MDF and gypsum. We offer one-part and two-part adhesives.

Daubond® Thermoforming Adhesives are designed to provide superior bonding for complex shapes during thermoforming. They provide maximum heat and moisture resistance and can be used on diverse overlays and substrates. Our thermoforming adhesives are available as a two-part system.

Daubond® Vinyl to Metal Adhesives offer one-step laminating for priming and bonding vinyl, vinyl plastisols and thermoplastic polyurethanes to most metals and glass. They can withstand modest forming without adhesion loss, require no pre-bake and parts can be pre-coating weeks in advance.

Our experienced staff is available to assist you select the Daubond® adhesive that will meet your exact application requirements and provide the performance you expect. Call today to learn about our full line of adhesives.