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We offer an extensive line of adhesive, coatings, corrosion prevention and other specialty concentrates for private label aerosol application.

Anti-Corrosion Coating Manufacturers

Our SACI® line of sulfonates and oxidates provides formulators some of the highest performing corrosion inhibitors available.


Daubert is a long haul player in this market, providing leading companies with protection against rust and corrosion for more than 40 years.

Composite Wall and Door

Daubert adhesive products give composite walls and doors the strength and durability to stand up to any conditions.

Electronic Assembly

We've assembled the right properties in an adhesive: good drilling properties, environmentally-friendly, and economical.



Installation is a smooth ride with Daubert products that keep guide rails free of rust during transit and while at the job site, and dampens sound during operation.

Furniture Manufacturing

A solid choice: Daubert has been the adhesives leader in office, residential, and self-assembly furniture manufacturering for more than 30 years.

General Industrial: Long Term Rust Preventative

Daubert products stay with your internal or external surfaces for the long run, providing effective barriers in the toughest conditions.

General Industrial: Short Term Rust Preventative

Daubert offers a wide range of solutions to meet your short-term corrosion protection needs, in many different kinds of conditions.

General Industrial: Oil Rust Preventative

When your machinery or operations require corrosion protection as well as lubrication, Daubert has just the right product for your needs.


General Industrial: Environmentally Friendly

Daubert is a leader in providing water-based, low VOC undercoatings that minimize employee exposure to volatile solvents.


Our TecPlex® line of calcium sulfonate grease precursors and finished greases offers superior quality, performance and value than previously available.

H1 Grease

Our TecPlex® line of calcium sulfonate H1 Registered greases offers superior quality, performance and value for the Marketer of Incidental Food Contact listed greases.

HX-1 Grease

Our TecPlex® line of calcium sulfonate HX-1 grease precursors offer superior quality, performance and value for the Manufacturer of Incidental Food Contact listed greases.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Our innovations for membrane press manufacturers include one-quart sizes of catalyst, an adhesive with lower temperature activation, and more.


Loud Speaker Assembly

Music to your ears: Daubert provides a strong lamination bond that won’t cause distortion to the vinyl or particle board applied to the speaker box.

Manufactured Housing

Daubert's products are built to withstand a wide range of application conditions: wet, hot, cold, indoors or out.


Daubert products meet the stamp of approval from major manufacturers looking to reduce defects and enjoy easy cleanup.

Military Approved Products

Government contractors and the U.S. government itself enlist Daubert products to help protect and defend against rust and corrosion.

PUR Equipment Maintenance

Avoid issues such as nozzle clogging during prolonged shutdowns with our special cleaners and grease sealers.



Daubert helps keep the railroad industry on track through sound deadening, vibration dampening, rust prevention on wheels, and much more.


Streamline your manufacturing operations with adhesive products that increase the quality,efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of your lamination process.

Stainless Steel Sinks

Daubert has filled the needs of major sink manufacturers for 25 years, with products that offer efficient sound dampening and easy application.


Helping the industry run at peak performance is the job of many of our products that protect both components and the truck trailers themselves.

Trash Chutes

We have more than 25 years of experience meeting the fire and noise specifications required for high-rise buildings.



A perfect fit: our adhesives offer the quality and versatility for many applications in the woodworking industry.